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Wide range application. Whether it is for trailers, automobiles, construction sites, machines, off-road equipment, outdoor products, etc., you can call us for all the metal parts you need, including custom parts.

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Why Choose Us?

Bespoke sheet metal fabrication service

For almost any metal fabrication you can imagine, from steel tubes to iron sheets.

Proper and high customer engagement

We set up an order tracking form for each order and keep the customer informed of the production status from time to time so that they have a good idea of the progress of their project. If anything goes wrong in the production process, it can be corrected in time so as to enable the project to be completed successfully.

Strong productivity

With a variety of equipment in use and a skilled team, we have greatly increased our production capacity, making our products and services more competitive.

Professional team

Our team have worked on almost all kinds of metal fabrication you can imagine from everything from steel pipes to sheet iron. We have a full range of product and service designs and are happy to provide your product with any bespoke part suggestions.

Strict quality control

We set up an Order Follow-Up Sheet for each order and keep our customers informed of the production status from time to time.

Starting from raw material preparation, we check upstream suppliers. In-line inspections are performed during production, final inspections during assembly or packaging, and multiple spot checks during the order process to ensure quality. In some cases, third-party loading supervision will be arranged.

24×7 customer support

Every customer is important. If you have any ideas or suggestions about the project that you would like to share with us, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by email, phone or instant messaging, and we will respond as soon as we receive your message.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


Received the products.

Happy with the result ! Thank you. Was a good first experience working with you.

Jaco W.


Supplier is very easy to work with and provides support after the sale. They help clearing customs and makes sure you get your items in good shape. We will work with them again!

Francois G.


Emma is very nice and easy to communicate with. Prompt service and delivery. Would definitely do business with them again!!

Matt P.


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