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Extensive processing capabilities for a wide range of applications. Here’s what we can do:
Capabilities: Tool and Die Makers

Tool and Die Makers

Our engineers have over 30 years combined experience designing and building quality tools, dies and fixtures. For our valued customers, ConWhole also repairs, sharpens and modifies existing dies to exact specifications.

Metal Fabrication

Our team of experts work on almost all kinds of metal fabrication you can imagine from everything from steel pipes to sheet iron.

We have a full range of product and service designs and are happy to provide your product with any bespoke part suggestions. Here, you will get great customization support provided by an in-house experienced team!

capabilities: metal fabrication
Capabilities: CNC Machining

CNC Machining

It belongs to mechanical processing as the same as sheet metal processing, but compared with the latter, the precision is higher, and the processing equipment is also different.


When a custom metal fabrication project requires a finishing coat such as hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, or simply priming and painting, we have the capabilities to take care of it. All metal that comes through our facility is carefully prepped before finishing

Capabilities: finishing
Capabilities: assembly service

Assembly Service

Many parts we produce require assembly to make them more useful for our customers. Assembly services can save you time, by having a single source, one P.O. to issue and parts ready for your production line. We have both in-house and off site services to accommodate various operations you may need.

ConWhole has put in place assembly services in anticipation of options that may be needed in order to provide you a quote that includes delivering you parts as complete as possible and providing the most cost-effective solution we can.

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