Vehicle Control Arm

Vehicle Control Arm

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Vehicle Control Arm

The shape of the control arm is “A” or “L”, so it is also called “A arm”. The stabilizer arm connected to the lower control arm strut keeps the car stable.

Passenger car suspensions (mainly swing arms) are classified according to materials and manufacturing processes, and can be divided into stamping parts, casting parts and alloy parts. Generally speaking, (aluminum) alloy parts have the best metal strength and lightest weight, which can reduce the quality of spring suspension and facilitate vehicle handling, but they are expensive, so they usually only appear in non-economic vehicles. The metal strength of castings is second only to cheap, but the heavier part is that handling and fuel consumption are not the main factors. Therefore, it is used less and less now. Stamping parts are like car body surface covering parts. They are stamped from several layers of steel plates. They are lighter than cast parts, lower cost, and have the worst metal strength, but they are good for handling and reduce fuel consumption, so they are becoming more and more popular. Used in economic models.

The following is produced by our company entrusted by the customer, that is, the swing arm formed by stamping and welding.

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