The Spin Forming Method

The Spin Forming Method

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spinning productsOne of ConWhole Hardware’s specialties is spin forming, a process that produces parts with a uniform grain structure, resulting in increased strength and reduced weight. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the spin forming method and its benefits.

What is Spin Forming?

Spin forming, also known as spin forging or flow forming, is a metalworking process in which a metal disk or tube is shaped into a desired shape by rotating it on a lathe while pressure is applied with a tool. The rotational motion stretches and thins the metal while the pressure compresses and reshapes it, resulting in a strong, lightweight product with a smooth surface.


One of the main advantages of spin forming is its ability to produce parts with a uniform grain structure. Spin forming aligns the grains in the metal neatly, creating stronger, more durable parts. In addition, spin forming creates parts that are lighter than parts made by other methods.

Both of these advantages make spun parts ideal for applications in industries such as aerospace and automotive, where the strength and durability of products are critical, and where lighter weight can result in significant fuel savings and improved performance.

Spin forming is also a cost effective production method. Because it produces parts with a smooth surface, it eliminates the need for additional finishing processes such as polishing or grinding. This makes it more cost effective than other production methods.


With advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages.

One of them is material limitation. Due to the process characteristics of spin forming, usually thin materials can be easily processed by spinning, but thicker materials are difficult to process.

Secondly, it is not applicable to large parts, because the forming method of spinning parts requires the sheet metal to be placed on the mold of the spinning machine for processing, so it is not applicable to the manufacture of large spinning parts.

Also the shape is relatively simple, not suitable for processing the shape of complex parts.


With wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices. Spin forming is used to produce lightweight, high-strength parts for aircraft and spacecraft, components such as wheels and exhaust systems for autos, heat sinks and housings for electronic components, and components such as prostheses and surgical instruments in medical devices.


Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, or medical device industry, ConWhole can help you produce high-quality parts that meet your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more and how we can help you with your next project.

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