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Autumn is the main time for fishing, but not all phases are good. For example, early autumn is too hot and late autumn is too cool. The best time for fishing is in the middle of the season, when it is not too hot and not too cold. The easier the fish are to catch, the more varied the fishing methods are, the more variable the fish conditions are. The more homogeneous and regular the fish are, the less easy it is to catch them. So, from a purely “fishing” point of view, the fish conditions in the off-season are more homogeneous and less varied, and the fish are actually “easy to catch”. What should we pay attention to when fishing in late autumn?

Not suitable for going out weather

Windy weather

In late autumn, not only the temperature gradually drops, it is also dry and windy, and windy weather occurs more frequently. No matter what weather, no matter what temperature, as long as the wind is strong, it must be difficult to fish. When the wind is strong, the water temperature drops and the conditions for the fish become worse. Casting is also more difficult, and watching the drift is even more difficult. When the wind comes from the northwest, it is strong and cold, and the situation for the fish is extremely unfavorable. So pay special attention to the wind in late autumn.

Western windy weather

Different wind directions cause different temperatures. The wind from the northwest, north, northeast, is windy and cool weather. East wind more sunny and cloudy weather, windy, but the temperature is relatively smooth some. South wind days tend to be warm and humid, with little wind and heat, which is more suitable for late autumn travel. When the wind is from the west and southwest, the weather becomes warmer, and the phenomenon of floating fish heads easily occurs. So it is not advisable to fish in west wind all year round.

2 or 3 days after the cold wave

It begins to have cold wave and cooling days in Late autumn, the temperature is stable before cold wave, and plummeted after that. Normally the temperature get stablized at a lower level after 3 or 4 days recovery from a sudden drop. So about the timing of fishing in late autumn, is basically before a cold wave. When the water temperature is not too low, at least those fishes at the bottom are still very vigorous. Before the cold wave, the temperature is stable, the water temperature will be at a higher level, the cold wave hit the temperature plummeted, the water temperature decline process is relatively slow, so the first day of cooling is a rare time to fish in late autumn. As for after 2 or 3 days of the cold wave, the water temperature has plummeted and fishes need to wait for the water temperature to be stabilized again before they open their mouths.

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Unadvised fishing location

Shady position

The less high the temperature, the greater the difference in temperature between sunny and shady locations. In late fall, when the water temperature is not as high, there are more likely to be fish in places with higher water temperatures. So if you want to fish in the sun, head to the north and east coasts and look for fishing spots that are at least not in the shade. Under the shade of a tree, in a bridge hole, behind a hill, next to a forest, near a bamboo forest, etc. should not be your choice. Of course, if the north and east shore, even if there is all this shade around, it will not be a shady place in the water, but shelter from the wind.

Living water

In summer, when the temperature is high and the air pressure is low, the living water is definitely a very good place for fishing, especially in the still water area of the living water. Because the dissolved oxygen in live water is higher and the water temperature is lower, in the hot season, even if not low pressure weather, high water temperature also means low dissolved oxygen, the fish are affected by temperature and oxygen is very obvious. But in late autumn water temperature is lower, there will be no oxygen shortage, live water affected to the water temperature is “to hurt the insult”, so try to fish the still water area. If the water is all live water, to find the slow current of the bay and bend, or bridge pier, behind the rocks to be in the “backwater” position.


Autumn weather with a lot of wind was already introduced at the beginning. Regardless of the temperature or wind direction, it is not very suitable for fishing as long as the wind is strong, try to choose the weather with little wind to go out. In late autumn, you should not fish in the downwind side, even if the wind is not so strong, because the water in this area is basically alive and the water temperature is even lower. A better choice is the sheltered location because the water temperature is higher there and fishing is more comfortable. The above three types of fishing spots are very good in summer and early fall, including mid-autumn. When the water temperature drops, the fishing spot must be moved to another direction and area, and the direction and area must follow the change of season.

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In late autumn you should choose the weather with stable temperatures and little wind to find a fishing spot in a sunny and sheltered place, of course, if the weather and the fishing spot are right, the harvest won’t be bad.

Finally, the U.S. Recreational Fishing Sports Industry Report 2022 is included for reference.

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