Where You Can Buy Rugged Bike Wheel Chock

Where You Can Buy Rugged Bike Wheel Chock

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What are the main concerns of most cross-country enthusiasts? You guessed it, how to safely and stably transport their vehicle to the designated location to start their adventure. Installing a sturdy bike wheel chock on a trailer has become a must-have option for many outdoor sports enthusiasts, so it is only natural that companies that provide trailers and accessories are looking for high-quality bike wheel chocks for their businesses.

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So, who can provide this bike wheel chock?

Ningbo ConWhole Hardware Co., Ltd.’s products are designed to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts to safely and stably transport their vehicle to any adventure location.

Why choose ConWhole?

Product quality and reliability

ConWhole’s Bike Wheel Chock is compatible with tires up to 5.1 inches (130mm) wide, covering most motocross models on the market. The maximum load capacity reaches 1500 pounds, ensuring that all types of motorcycles can be transported stably and safely. We provide two types of matching fasteners, A and B. A is suitable for metal surfaces, and B is suitable for wooden surfaces. You can choose one of them and install the wheel chock on your trailer according to the instruction manual, and then sell it to your customers; you can also choose both fasteners and package them with the wheel chock and sell them to your customers. This way your customers can install them on a trailer or in their own garage if they wish.

This product is made of high-strength steel pipe with a diameter of 1 inch, and the surface is spray-painted. The two ends of the steel pipe are protected by rubber sleeves to prevent the user from being cut, effectively prevent rust, and extend the service life. In addition, in response to the scratches and damage problems that may be encountered during transportation of motorcycles, our Bike Wheel Chock is designed with a protective layer to minimize friction and protect the motorcycle from damage. This is crucial to keeping your motorcycle in tip-top shape and maintaining a good reputation among users.

As a factory with many years of export experience, we know that it is a long journey from China to the other side of the ocean, so it is crucial to have a strong outer box to protect the product from being squeezed during transportation. At the same time, it is very important for the safety of individual products. We have also reinforced the packaging to ensure that the product is intact when it reaches the final consumer.

Technical support and service

By choosing ConWhole, you not only purchase a product, but also receive our full range of technical support and services. We provide detailed product installation and usage instructions to ensure that you can provide services to end consumers quickly and efficiently. If you encounter any problems, our professional technical team will always provide you with solutions.

Motorcycle Wheel Support

Customization and flexibility

Our customization services are not limited to product color selection and customer logo printing. We also provide a full range of customization services from product design, material selection to final packaging design. Whether your needs are for a product to better align with your brand image or to fit a specific marketing strategy, ConWhole has a solution for you.

Color customization: According to your brand image or market demand, choose the most suitable color scheme to make the product more in line with the company’s brand tone.

Logo printing: Printing the corporate logo in a prominent position on the product not only increases the brand’s exposure, but also increases the added value of the product.

Packaging design: Provide personalized packaging design services, from material selection to pattern design, to fully meet your expectations for product appearance and style.

In addition to the above customized services, ConWhole also provides one-stop marketing support services. We understand that in an online sales environment, high-quality product images and attractive packaging design play a vital role in attracting consumers.

High-quality product pictures: Our professional photography team can take high-definition, high-quality pictures of your products to ensure that your product display on any online platform can attract customers’ attention.

High-quality packaging design: In addition to basic packaging customization services, our design team can also provide personalized packaging design suggestions based on your marketing strategy and target customer groups to ensure that the product has maximum appeal when it is launched.

We are committed to not only meeting customers’ needs in product design and production through these customized and flexible services, but also providing comprehensive support for customers’ brand growth and marketing promotion. We believe that through our professional services, your products will be more prominent in the market, while helping your brand establish a unique and difficult-to-replicate competitive advantage.

Delivery Time

Fast and on-time delivery is crucial. ConWhole has an efficient production scheduling system and stable logistics partners to ensure that every order can be delivered on time, helping you reduce inventory pressure and improve business flow efficiency.


Choosing ConWhole’s Bike Wheel Chock means choosing a high-quality, cost-effective and considerate service solution. Whether you are a trailer manufacturer, importer, dealer, retailer or cross-border e-commerce company, we are committed to helping your business thrive and meet the diverse needs of end users. Enclosed is a video of the manufacturing process of this product so that you can better understand our control over every detail.

Contact Us Now to learn more about Bike Wheel Chock.

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