Sheet Metal Chassis

Sheet Metal Chassis

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Today let’s see a big guy–the sheet metal chassis shell. The thickness of the board is more than 1cm, which is very heavy at first glance.
Sheet metal chassis are mostly used in the automotive industry, communications, medical equipment, electronic appliances and other fields. Sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity, low cost, and easy mass production, but its unique forming process also has greater restrictions on the shape. In the design of the sheet metal chassis shell, in addition to its characteristics and advantages, it is also necessary to avoid the adverse effects of the sheet metal processing technology on its shape. The following matters should be noted.
1. The deployment method of the sheet metal chassis shell design must be quite reasonable, and attention must be paid to saving materials and machinability.
2. Choosing gap and trimming method should be cautious and reasonable, T=2.0, gap is 0.2; T=2-3, gap is 0.5; hemming method should adopt long side and short side method (namely door panel).
3. Tolerance size: responsible for removing the bottom, the positive difference is halved; hole size: when the difference is to the bottom, the negative difference is half.
4. The direction of the fault.
5. Draw a cross-sectional view according to the directions of tearing, riveting, tooth extraction, punching convex points (bandaging), etc.
6. Check the material, board thickness and board thickness tolerances.
7. Pay attention to special angles. The inner radius of the bending angle (generally R=0/5) should be bent and flared.
8. Error-prone areas (such as similar asymmetries) should be highlighted.
9. The enlarged picture should be added to a larger place.
10. The areas that need spray protection should be marked.
Of course, due to the unique forming process of sheet metal, it is not suitable for complex shapes. Therefore, in the design of sheet metal chassis, it is necessary to break through the traditional box shape to facilitate manufacturing and processing. Not suitable for richer surface changes, more suitable. Do more surface treatment to reduce the difficulty of manufacturing, ensure the feasibility of the design scheme, and make the equipment shape simple and beautiful, in line with people’s aesthetics.
Having said that, I have not yet introduced where our products are used. Actually, I don’t understand it very well. The customer just said that it is a 3D rack, so is it used on a 3D printer? Who knows, as long as the products we produce meet the requirements of customers, it is enough to give some professional opinions and suggestions on standards that customers are not familiar with but want to achieve, because we have signed an NDA.

Sheet metal chassis

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