Car Handbrake Lever

Car Handbrake Lever

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The professional name of handbrake is auxiliary brake, which is different from the principle of brake. It is connected to the rear brake shoe with a steel wire to brake the car. It is a component we often use, currently divided into electronic handbrake and mechanical handbrake, today we will focus on the mechanical handbrake.

We can control the braking force of the mechanical hand brake. The low braking force is small, and the high braking force is large. Regardless of the electronic handbrake or the mechanical handbrake, the brakes are the rear wheels, only the rear wheels have braking power, but the front wheels do not. The mechanical handbrake is through the handbrake cable, that is, a wire is connected to the handbrake system of the rear wheel, and the handbrake force is transmitted through the handbrake cable. Because it is a steel wire, it will be stretched after being stretched for a long time. If it is stretched to the same height, the handbrake force will decrease. However, the length of the handbrake line can be adjusted. If you feel that the handbrake cannot be stopped after the handbrake is pulled to the top, and the vehicle slips on the slope, then the handbrake needs to be adjusted, which means that the effective handbrake line should be shortened. However, the adjustable range is limited. If the handbrake cable is stretched too long, the limit of the adjustment is still the vehicle slipping, and a new handbrake cable needs to be replaced.

When parking on a flat road, don’t pull it too tightly, but pull on the handbrake until the car does not slip. Because if you pull tightly every time, the wire will deform more quickly. If a car with automatic gear is parked on a flat road, just pull it a little, because even if you want to slip, there is a P gear lock. If you don’t know, you can usually pay more attention to it, find a small slope, see how tight it pulls will stop the car from sliding, and then write it down. If you don’t want to be so troublesome, you can pull up handbrake a little after parking and release the footbrake to see if the car slips. If it doesn’t, then you push the car hard from back truck to see if it moves. If it cannot be pushed, then there is no danger.

Many people often forget to release the handbrake, especially for novices who drive without releasing the handbrake, which indicates that the handbrake isn’t pulled very tight. It won’t affect badly if only driven hundred meters. But it will cause a lot of wear of the handbrake pads and brake discs, and even need to be replaced, if the distance is too long. The handbrake cable is elongated; fuel consumption increases; rear wheels are severely worn; excessive temperature brings potential safety risks.

Another point is that in the winter and after the car has been washed in the evening, it is best to find a flat road to park with or without the handbrake. Because water may enter the handbrake cable, which will freeze at night. After the handbrake was released the next day, the handbrake could not be released because the handbrake line was frozen. As a result, the handbrake could not be released and remained in the brake state and could not start normally.

The picture below is the handbrake lever that our company commissioned to process.

handbrake lever

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