Structural principle of car door lock block

Structural principle of car door lock block

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There are many articles about the fault diagnosis and repair of the lock block that cannot be opened. There are damages to the micro switch, aging of the servo motor, and so on. Generally, the mechanical part is considered to be OK.
In fact, the reason why the door can’t be opened is that the mechanical parts are worn and aging. Therefore, if the lock block fails, the door sometimes opens and sometimes cannot be opened. So even if the fault of the electronic part is repaired, it has no practical value. The lock block still needs to be replaced. Success can solve the problem completely.
The structural principle of the lock block is like this, no matter whether the door is closed or opened, the actuator is completed by the mechanical part. The electronic part only implements the insurance mechanism of “lock and unlock”, which is equivalent to the insurance mechanism of the door lock at home. After closing the door, after the central control sends out the “lock lock” command, the servo motor of the electronic part pushes the slide bar to drive the safety mechanism into the safety position, and the door handle cannot be opened. The safety mechanism is driven to exit the safety position, and when the second handle is pulled, the lock hook is released, and the lock hook springs back to open the door under the elastic force. In other words, when the door is opened with the inner handle, the safety mechanism does not need to be driven by the servo motor when exiting the safety position, so the failure of the inner handle to open the door is caused by mechanical wear and aging. This also explains why knocking on the door can sometimes open the door. When unlocking by remote control or mechanical key unlocking, the safety mechanism is driven by the servo motor to exit the safety position, and then the handle is pulled to release the lock hook, and the lock hook springs back to open the door under the elastic force. These two door opening methods require the participation of the mechanical part and the electronic part, and the implementation is in place, otherwise the door will fail to open.

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