Chair Leg

Chair Leg

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Cinema chairs are also known as theater chairs, as the name suggests are chairs used in movie theaters. But cinema chairs will also appear in high-end large clubs such as large conference rooms, schools or government auditoriums, and large song and dance theaters.

The theater chair is composed of four parts: a seat, a back, an armrest and a standing foot. There are two types of standing feet: landing on one foot (landing on one foot) and landing on the armrest (standing directly connected to the armrest frame).

Theater chairs stand on one-legged seats. The standing feet support the center of the seat. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it is also convenient to use the legs to connect with other surrounding facilities, such as vents, power ports, etc. Due to the relative complexity of the single-leg connection method, the cost of the single-leg mechanism is correspondingly increased.

The way the armrest of the theater chair stands on the ground is firm and reliable, and it is convenient to fix and install. The armrest frame and the stand are combined, and the structure is simple.

The standing foot is the foundation of the theater chair support. Generally, it is directly fixed on the ground with anchor bolts.

Chair Leg

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